Testo 865 - Thermal Imager

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Model: Testo 865 - Thermal Imager

The Testo 865 thermal imager combines all the important properties required for high-environment thermographic measurement it is accurate, robust, hasty and obedient.

The Testo 865 provides high-character thermography at an affordable price and keeps going even in tough operational conditions. The combat supplied as soon as the thermal imager means it can be straightforwardly transported, therefore it is always there for you once needed.

Technical highlights of the Testo 865 thermal imager

The Testo 865 thermal imager stands out thanks to its easy operation and has the following impressive technical features:

  • Very good image quality due to high resolution: 19,200 temperature measuring points ensure precise thermography. Infrared resolution of 160 x 120 pixels – via integrated SuperResolution Technology 320 x 240 pixels
  • Visualize temperature differences from 0.12°C
  • Critical temperature conditions are directly displayed via automatic hot-cold spot recognition
  • The IFOV warner means the distance from the measurement object/measurement spot size is determined and the measurement spot is shown on the thermal image – you, therefore, avoid measurement errors because the camera shows you exactly what you can measure
  • Pro software for image evaluation on the PC
  • You can choose to save thermal images as JPEGs

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