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Fluke 941 Light Meter

Iconic Engineering Limited

Fluke 941 Light Meter is providing an unbelievable result that's why it's the most popular product in the world. Buy online in Bangladesh with the best price from Tools Bangladesh.

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Model: Fluke 941 Light Meter

Fluke 941 Light Meter designed to be used in multiple environments, the Fluke 941 exposure meter is simple to use and provides clear information show for a range of applications.

With Associate in the Nursing cord to lightweight|the sunshine} meter and separate show the Fluke 941 provides a hand-held tool to accurately live light in multiple environments.

The Fluke 941 could be a transportable tool that measures illuminate to twenty,000 FC of illumination unit with Associate in Nursing accuracy of .01 FC/lux. Quick order not from Tools Bangladesh because of the stock limited.


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