Fluke D814™ Series Impact Tools

Iconic Engineering Limited

Fluke D814™ Series Impact Tools with Uniform connections and all-in-one, telecom punch-down tool. The best tool with the best price order at Tools Bangladesh

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Model: Fluke D814™ Series Impact Tools

Fluke D814 Series Impact Tools is a wonderful product that is the best instrument for the test point.

Make effortless, uniform connections with Fluke Networks’ D814™, all-in-one, telecom punch-down tool. Its adjustable impact wheel has high and low settings for any type of termination. The automatic spring mechanism provides the right impact to seat and/or terminate wires. The compartment at the end of the tool stores an extra blade.

This punch-down tool is available alone or in sets with commonly-used blades. Its lifetime warranty is confirmation of its durability.

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