Fluke 700G Pressure Gauge Calibrator

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Fluke 700G Pressure Gauge Calibrator is the most reliable product that always provides the accurate result. We offer the lowest price Pressure Gauge Calibrator in bd..

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Model: Fluke 700G Pressure Gauge Calibrator

Fluke 700G is a rugged, easy-to-use, and reliable pressure gauge calibrator that offers 23 ranges from ±10 inH 2 O/ 20 bar to 10,000 psi/690 bar with an accuracy of 0.05% of full scale. Reference class models offer gauge accuracies to 0.04% of reading.

The 700G is compatible with most hydraulic and pneumatic test pumps. And it combines with one of the Fluke test pump kits (700PTPK or 700HTPK) to provide a complete pressure testing and calibration solution. You can use 700G/TRACK Software to upload more than 8,000 pressure measurements to a PC.

The 700G runs on three standard AA alkaline batteries to deliver 1,500 hours without backlight (continuous on) or 2,000 hours at a slow sample rate. Amazing products that are out of your hand so quick order now at Tools Bangladesh before sold out this model. 

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