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Fluke 1587 Insulation Multimeter

Iconic Engineering Limited

Fluke 1587 Insulation Multimeter reliable and rugged that you can trust. Iconic Engineering offer the lowest price & brand new Fluke 1587 in bd...

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Fluke 1587 Insulation Multimeter not only provide the best result but also the value of this meter always spot on. Fluke 1587 has advanced multi-functional digital multimeter with built-in insulation testing functions make this the ideal all-around tool for troubleshooting, commissioning, and maintenance.

The Fluke 1587 Insulation Multimeter combines a digital insulation tester with a full-featured, true-RMS digital multimeter in a single compact, handheld unit, which provides maximum versatility for both troubleshooting and preventative maintenance. Like other tools that you have come to expect from Fluke, Fluke 1587 is rugged, reliable, and easy to use.

Whether you work on motors, generators, cables, or switch-gear, the Fluke 1587 Insulation Multimeter is ideally suited to help you with your tasks. 

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