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Sanwa CX506A Analog Meter is very rugged reliable and trusted that are working properly and for the problem place and it can find and make sure the issue on point spot with accurency, pointer multi-function / multi-range multimeter capacitor and transistor check function

Key Features: Sanwa CX506A Analog Meter

  • 26ch switches, wide range measurement
  • Capacitance 50pF 〜 2000μF measurement
  • High input impedance 50kΩ/V (DC3 〜 300Vrange)
  • Switchable DC polarity

Specifications: Sanwa CX506A Analog Meter

CX506a  Rentang Pengukuran  Akurasi
 DCV  120m (4kΩ)/3/12/30/120  120m : ±4%
 300 (50kΩ/V)/1000V (15kΩ)  ±2.5% berskala penuh
 ACV  3/12/30/120/300/750V (8kΩ/V)  ±3% berskala penuh
 (kurang dari kisaran 12V:    ±4% )
 DCA  30µ/0.3m/3m/30m/0.3A  ±2.5% berskala penuh
 Resistansi  5k/50k/500k/5M/50MΩ  ±3% lengkungan
 Kapasitansi   C1 : 50p~0.2µF        C2 : 0.01µ~20µF  C1/C2
 C3 : 1~2000µF  ±6% lengkungan
 hFE (DC Current Amplification Factor)  Transistor hFE: 0~1000
 Bandwidth  40~30kHz (12V:40Hz~30kHz 30V~ : 40Hz~10kHz)
 Baterai  R6PX2, 6F22X1
 Ukuran (H x W x D)  165mm x 106mm x 46mm
 Berat   370 g
 Aksesoris  Uji lead (TL-21a)
 Clip lead (CL-506a)
 Panduan penggunaan manual
 Sekering cadangan
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